Graphic Design​​​​​​​
Boom Chicago is a renowned comedy theater located in Amsterdam, known for its innovative and dynamic blend of improvisational comedy, stand-up, and scripted performances. Founded in 1993 by a group of American improvisers, Boom Chicago has become a cultural institution, offering a unique and entertaining experience that combines sharp wit with a global perspective.

Boom Chicago, the iconic comedy theater in Amsterdam, has embarked on an exciting journey into the digital frontier with their latest show, 'Into the Metaverse.' As the laughter architects of Boom Chicago dive into the realms of NFTs, crypto, and the expansive metaverse, they approached me to craft a poster that captures the essence of this innovative and humorous exploration.

In the design process, I aim to visually encapsulate the vibrant energy and comedic genius that Boom Chicago brings to the intersection of technology and entertainment. With nods to the world of NFTs and the crypto landscape, the poster will serve as a playful gateway into the digital universe they are set to explore on stage.
The captivating photo above served as the foundation for creating the poster. It captures a whimsical moment, depicting the comedians in a hilarious attempt to pull one of their own out of the metaverse. 

This image forms the heart of the poster, promising a blend of humor and imaginative antics in the upcoming show.
I initiated the poster design process by removing the background, introducing a title, and incorporating a placeholder text at the bottom. 

To set the mood and capture the essence of the show, I crafted a very minimalist sketch that serves as a visual preview.
In the above image, I introduced elements I envisioned as items or collectibles from the metaverse, accompanied by a revised title design. 

While the client appreciated the chosen items, there was a preference for a less cartoonish appearance. They expressed interest in a more computer-generated or 3D aesthetic to better align with the metaverse theme.
In the image above, additional elements have been incorporated, now adopting a 3D look as per the client's request. This design complements the metaverse theme much better than the cartoonish feel from the previous draft.
The image above represents the final iteration of the poster. In consideration of potential insensitivity toward disabled individuals, the wooden leg and eyepatch were omitted. The show garnered an impressive turnout and achieved great success​​​​​​​!