Apenkooi Gym

Graphic Design
Apenkooien, the well-known version of tag where you're not allowed to touch the ground, is the perfect combination of sports and play, no longer exclusive to elementary school kids.
Every ApenkooiGym lesson consists of a warm-up, a main game, and a final game that will have you bouncing around the room. Sometimes, it's classic Apenkooien, while other times it involves existing or self-invented games such as James Bond, the Big Water Spectacle, Brazilian Football, or, of course, one of the many variations of dodgeball.

The sporty team at Apenkooi Gym entrusted me with the exciting task of shaping their visual identity. This project blended graphic design with illustrative work, offering a thrilling opportunity to bring their brand to life in a vibrant and unique way.
The client opted for a boxed-in logo complemented by a playful font, where the box symbolizes the 'kooi' (meaning 'cage' in Dutch) element of the word Apenkooi.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors commonly found on gym floors, the color palette is a dynamic blend, with the exception of the grey tone, reserved exclusively for typography.

As for the typography, the Google font Kanit was carefully chosen. Its rounded and playful shapes seamlessly marry a modern, sporty aesthetic, contributing to the overall energetic vibe of the brand.
I curated the design language by incorporating the iconic lines reminiscent of gym floors. This familiar childhood visual, coupled with a thoughtfully selected color scheme, adds a layer of recognition and nostalgia, creating a visually appealing and memorable aesthetic.
The business card and outdoor banner share a harmonious visual language, adding a touch of unity and distinct recognition to the entire project. Consistency in design enhances the overall cohesion, leaving a lasting and memorable impression.
The website follows the same design language, seamlessly integrating the visual elements and illustrations for a cohesive and engaging online experience. Consistency in design ensures a unified brand presence, while the illustrations add a touch of creativity and personality to the digital platform.